"Dakota is loving school and is doing great !! Her (kindergarten) teacher said she thinks it great that she knows her numbers and letters, also that she knows how to cut and use scissors very well. She thought it was great that she knew how to write her first name and also knows her last name. She said Dakota does great on her letter sounds and also vowel sounds. Dakota is one of the best and more prepared students. Thanks for being a great school for my girls."

- Ursula Kuntz


"When I was preparing to move to Gresham from Beaverton, I looked at several preschools for my 4 year old. As soon as I walked into Ms. Jill's classroom, I knew it was the one. From learning sign language, writing, and songs, to eating lunch at school, I felt that my daughter was well prepared for Kindergarten after attending Scribbles. She loved it so much, I wish she had been able to go there for two years instead of just one. My youngest is about to turn three, and I am excitedly registering her for Fall 2010 at Scribbles!"

—Jenny Blair


"I can honestly say that my son has benefited from Scribbles PreSchool and the program that Scribbles has been running! He has grown so much since attending and has improved in his social and academic skills."
— Bo Cobarrubias


"Teacher Jill is a gifted & loving individual that focuses on the positive in social as well as in academics. Scribblaes is remarkable"

— Ruth Edwards


"Scribbles provides a creative, fun, yet organized environment for the children. Following a schedule that provides multiple activities for the children to learn in a well rounded way. Using positive reinforcement & modeling as ways to encourage our children to reinforce manners & good behavior."

— Amy Long


"Jill works diligently to create an educational and stimulating environment for the children. In addition, she actively cultivates relationships and embraces the whole family unit.. Encouraging open communication between the parents and herself, and by using this spirit of cooperation it is no wonder the children in her care thrive."

— Michelle Monroe