Our program is designed to have an equal combination of structure and flexibility. Each day your child will start the morning with a "free" play time, which includes blocks, coloring, cutting, puzzles, books and imagination play. In the course of our busy morning, we will enjoy a nutritional snack and circle time where we will talk about the weather, calendar, sing songs and get our "job" for the day. Every day your child attends class they will be asked to bring a lunch. Toward the end of our day we will sit together for lunch, practicing manners & common courtesy.

We will also have an academic time where we will learn to write letters, numbers and our names. Art class is always a fun-filled, hands-on glueing, cutting, or painting project.

Our goal is for all children to have a happy, warm, comfortable, loving, safe, and of course fun environment that they look forward to coming to every day! We always encourage family involvement, whether it be coming to pick up your child early so you can read a book to the class or come in and help for the whole morning. Your presence is always welcome.


At Scribbles Preschool we like to consider ourselves a big family. We work together and find ourselves forming relationships that continue even after children graduate and move on to kindergarten. We do family outings throughout the school year, parent's night out, and even weekend play dates. We feel it's not about dropping your child off for a few hours, but as a fun educational "family evolved" program.