Scribbles Preschool believes that children learn through doing. We provide experiences where children learn on all levels. In valuing play as the essence of learning, we assist children in developing skills in social relationships, initiative, language, creativity, music, movement, numbers, space and time. In giving children choices, we enable them to develop the skills and abilities necessary for effective learning and positive self esteem. Thereby, we are able to support each child's unique individuality and promote independence. At Scribbles Preschool we provide a warm, comfortable, fun environment that welcomes all families with open arms.


Ms. Jill is our head teacher, director and founder of Scribbles Preschool. She has been in the childcare field since 1986 working as a nanny, daycare leader, and as a head preschool teacher in Vancouver. After becoming a mom in 1998, she started looking for a quality, non-corporate, educational preschool that was not a "daycare" environment. Lack of such a facility inspired Scribbles Preschool, which started in her home in 2001, in order to ensure her own children had the warm, fun, yet educational experience she desired. Demand for such an environment had Scribbles soon expanding to a local charter school in Troutdale, and then growing into the current facility in Gresham. Ms. Jill believes that children learn through play and opportunity and allows each child to grow and learn with a positive, strong self esteem.